Who is the T'Owd Man of Wirksworth?

T'Owd Man is the unofficial mascot of the town of Wirksworth in Derbyshire. It's Derbyshire dialect for 'The Old Man', an appellation reflecting both his age and gender (obvs).  His geographical origin is currently a tug-of-love between the two Derbyshire towns of Wirksworth (who have it) and nearby Bonsall (who don't). They did, but don't )

This is the medieval bas-relief carving of T'Owd Man, found in St Mary's Church in Wirksworth. Bonsall residents suggest the artwork was stolen from Bonsall Parish  Church centuries ago, but hey, they also believe Bonsall to be a  kind of Area 51 in the Derbyshire Dales.  The image also shows T'Owd Man as a lead miner, (a common local occupation from medieval times up until quite recently). He has a pick, and is carrying a workman's basket (known as a kibble).

It is believed to be the world's first ever depiction of a miner. Quite an honour for Wirksworth (or Bonsall). This second image shows him in Border Morris regalia, and was found in Wirksworth resident  Mr Andrew Martin's garden shed a few months back. It  should be said that  its provenance  as a genuine medieval artefact is considered perhaps more dubious  than Bonsall's claim to the 'Leadminer' version of T'Owd Man.

Bonsworth aka "Bons'th"

So this is "Bons'th", our club/team/side mascot.

One of our members decided that we needed a mascot and got busy with some needles, buttons, fabric and stuffing. Universally loved by all, Bons'th attends all our public dances (and most training nights too). 

His name came about after a competition within the group and one member suggested the fusion of both Bonsall and Wirksworth as a nod to his shared history. We liked it, but in keeping with the abbreviation of T'Owd Man, we all felt that "Bons'th" was more suitable.